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Graduate Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching

Program Details

The Graduate Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching program from University of Hawaii is designed for educators and professionals in fields related to education whose career goals may be reached with education in the operation and management of online classrooms. Online classrooms are infinitely scalable and inexpensive to implement and staff. Through this program, students will explore ways to manage effective online programs and to assess their value for students with varied learning styles. Students may also learn how to incorporate the most current online technologies to support student learning and organizational effectiveness.

Students will learn about adapting educational techniques to online and distance education as well as design and implementation of online classrooms. Those classes include Theory and Culture of Online Learning, Learning Technology as an Issue in Online Learning, Issues in Instructional Design in Online Learning, and Communication and Interactivity in Online Learning.

Students completing the program may be qualified for certain roles in education and trained for success in development of online and distance classrooms. Those qualifications include being able to apply the understanding of higher education systems, business principles, and student learning in solving institutional problems to drive online education and student success, to make effective decisions based on critical evaluation of research and data in order to design programs which promote education, to articulate the perspectives and interests of the institution and students in order to create a successful program, to choose leadership approaches appropriate to the culture of the organization, to demonstrate an ability to deploy resources to achieve intended results, and evaluate the potential impact of policies and processes on student outcomes in non-traditional or online classrooms.

Accreditation & Licensing

Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Senior College and University Commission