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Energy - Energy Management Certificate.

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Program Details

The University of Florida’s Graduate Certificate in Energy Management is administered through the College of Engineering, and under the university’s EDGE Department. The Energy Management Certificate is designed to prepare students to enter careers related to commercial energy technologies. The Energy Management Certificate’s required coursework consists of 9 credit hours, or three courses. The curriculum takes approximately one year to complete, and students can enroll in classes during any semester.

Students have the freedom to choose these three courses from an approved list, based on which topics appeal to their personal interests and professional goals. Some of the courses students could potentially take through the Energy Management Certificate span the topics of Energy Conversion, Energy Management for Mechanical Engineers, Design of Thermal Systems, Advanced Refrigeration, Advanced Air Conditioning, and Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics. Through these courses, students may have the ability to gain a thorough understanding of modeling thermal equipment, system simulation, optimization, design, mechanical systems, industrial processes, economic analysis, modern energy management methods, and more. Through this program, students may be equipped with the knowledge base and skill set needed to succeed in the field of Energy Management.


Students must have a BS degree in Engineering, with minimum undergraduate GPA 3.0

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges