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Program Details

The University of Florida (UF) offers a Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine through an entirely online format. This program is administered through the university’s College of Fine Arts and under the Department of Arts in Medicine. The Graduate Certificate in Arts in Medicine exists because UF recognizes the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the use of the arts may greatly enhance both individual and community health, and can have a significant impact on healthcare environments.

This program is designed for professionals and graduate students who are involved in arts, health sciences, or other health-related professions. Through UF’s Certificate in Arts in Medicine program, students may learn how to effectively integrate the arts to enhance health outcomes in individuals and communities, and to successfully manage arts programs in healthcare and community settings. The core curriculum of this program consists of four courses, or 12 credit hours. These four courses are meant to be diverse and thorough, providing the student with a solid foundational base of knowledge in the field of Arts in Medicine.

The classes students will take span the topics of Creativity in Health: Foundations of the Arts in Medicine, Arts in Medicine in Practice, Arts in Medicine Graduate Practicum, and Arts in Medicine Professional Seminar. Through these courses, students may develop an understanding of the theoretical foundations that form this field, as well as an understanding of the roles that the arts play in promoting health education, health literacy, and disease prevention in community settings. Upon completion of this program, students should be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the field of Arts in Medicine.


Admission to the Certificate program requires a bachelor’s degree in an arts, health, or related field of study, and at least one of the following:
  • Completion of the Introduction to the Arts in Healthcare course at UF with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Completion of the Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensive program at UF or the University at Buffalo
  • A minimum of one year of professional experience as an artist or administrator in the field of Arts in Medicine
  • Other experience as determined appropriate by the Center's director

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges