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Master of Arts in Creativity Studies

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Creativity is a vital human resource and characteristic. Regardless of circumstances, creativity always seems to find a way to make its presence known. The ability to think, to brainstorm, to analyze, and to create are all incredible human traits. Union Institute & University (UIU) offers a degree program that emphasizes the importance of creativity in its Master of Arts in Creativity Studies (MACS) program.

Through the MACS program, students explore theories of the source, nature, and development of creativity throughout history – from Ancient Greece until the present. Students explore concepts of person, process, perspective, and product within the creative lens. Courses teach students to look not only at the final product but the entire process it took to get there, taking into account political and emotional influence as well as other life circumstances that may have had an impact on the creative process. With this foundation in creativity’s “history” and theories, students are able to transfer these main points into their own situations.

The interdisciplinary nature of the program makes the learning applicable in a wide variety of interests, pursuits, and careers. The program’s individualized nature ensures that students are able to cater the focus of their learning to fit their needs, and the application courses encourage students to find their own sources and processes for creativity. Students will find the course content’s relevance in almost any career field.

In its entirety, the MACS program entails 36 credits of work. The program’s three core classes, which are Elements of Scholarship, Research Methods, and Disciplinary Foundations, make up 12 of those credits. The remaining 24 credits are comprised of application courses, field studies, and the student’s final thesis project. This final assessment includes a practical application of the creative process with a written analysis of the process to demonstrate understanding of the foundation taught through the program.

UIU’s MACS degree can be completed 100 percent online. The program’s only prerequisite is a Bachelor’s Degree, although the application process also involves transcript submission and letters of recommendation. Persons interested in learning more about the MACS program are encouraged to contact UIU program faculty.

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