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Master of Humanities - Art and Visual Media

Program Details

Tiffin University offers a Master of Humanities degree in Art and Visual Media for students who are interested in studying multiple disciplines and fields in order to understand human ideas certain areas. These areas may include philosophy, history, written and spoken literature, the arts and other fields and specializing in the creation and analysis of visual media, such as paintings, drawn art, photography, television, and cinema. Students will learn about the humanities and their relationships in political, religious, social, historic and scientific contexts. The program will be defined by its approach to studies of contemporary subjects, including women in art, cult and independent film, and history of photography. The program intends to prepare students for future studies in doctoral of liberal arts and the humanities and other fields related to human history and culture.

Students will study the liberal arts and humanities within a context of the visual arts, including painting and designs, film, and photography. This will be done through classes, some of which include Studies in History, Creativity and its Development, and History of Photography, among others.

Students completing the degree should have demonstrated expert education and professional qualifications in the study of the humanities, giving them unique insight in the creation of art and cinema. These qualifications include acquired skills and knowledge of the history of art as well as the study of art and general education areas that are the foundation to life skills and further education, a basic knowledge in several areas of the humanities, and a broad foundation for advanced studies.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission