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Bachelor of Criminal Justice / Homeland Security and Terrorism

Program Details

Tiffin University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Homeland Security and Terrorism to students who are interested in working within the Department of Homeland Security or other organizations responsible for providing national security services, in addition to local and national protection against terrorism. While in this program, students should aim to develop an understanding of homeland security issues wand challenges within the context of prevention, control, and response to terrorism threats.

The program consists of classroom courses that intend to emphasize real-world education through examination of cases and other real-world examples in education that will be applicable on the job. Those classes include Introduction into American Political Press, Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice, and Emergency Organizations and Management, among others.

After successfully completing this program, students should be able to demonstrate the necessary skills and qualifications for roles within entry-level positions in homeland security, and advanced positions in homeland security for those with experience. The qualifications should show that the student has been able to apply the principles learned in the program into their development as a functional and affective professional in their field. Examples of such qualifications include knowledge of national security issues, knowledge of the procedures for crisis management, negotiation, and interrogation, and skills and knowledge in general education areas that are a foundation to life skills and further education. Students should also be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of management principles and supervision, to develop a basic understanding of procedures for assessing terrorist activity and potential for covert and overt actions, and to develop basic skills in communicating in crisis situations.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission