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Program Details

Thomas Jefferson University is a school dedicated to insuring the future of health care is in the hands of those who are well equipped to handle the complex issues surrounding contemporary health services. This dedication is shown in the Master of Science in Healthcare Quality and Safety program offered by the institution. This degree aims to ensure that students are able to analyze and evaluate to improve quality and safety in a variety of healthcare settings. This program intends to prepare students to operate in health management roles by showing how to develop policies and make decisions that will improve patient safety and implement risk management features.

This degree may be an ideal program for those looking to enter into a variety of health care professionals from physicians and nurses to pharmaceutical professionals. Health care professionals working in the fields of information technology will learn the skills to cost-analyze the many new technologies emerging in health today. This program is also for those who already have a degree in health related services and are interested in obtaining joint master’s degree

The course work is offered primarily online, with a mandatory one week capstone seminar that takes place on the university’s campus in Philadelphia at the end of the program. Thomas Jefferson University’s online programs may allow students to proceed at their own pace, but also offers guidance every step of the way. The school also pairs each student with a faculty member to assist with final capstone project.


Earned baccalaureate degree with approximate GPA of 3.0
Three years' clinical experience or related work in a clinical setting
One of the following:
Competitive score on the GRE or other graduate entrance examination
Graduate degree or at least 9 credits of earned graduate coursework with grade of ""B"" or higher
Current enrollment in a graduate clinical program, such as MD, MSN
GPA of 3.3 or higher and specified coursework with grade of ""B"" or higher from a Jefferson-affiliatedcollege or university
Competency in basic statistics demonstrated by
At least 3 credits of undergraduate or graduate coursework with grade of ""B"" or higher
Passing score on JSPH statistics challenge examination
Knowledge of medical terminology demonstrated by:
Clinical coursework containing relevant material
At least 3 credits of undergraduate or graduate coursework in medical terminology with grade of ""B""or higher
Passing score on JSPH medical terminology challenge examination

Accreditation & Licensing

Middle States Commission on Higher Education


The masters programs also require a one-week Capstone Seminar Experience on the Jefferson campus at the end of the program.