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Program Details

Thomas Jefferson University offers a Masters of Public Health degree that aims to train students in administrative, leadership, and policy management within the medical field. Through this program, students will learn about the complex factors of what goes into guiding health care policy, from integrating and using technology and information services to keeping up with changes and trends in the rapidly changing world of health care. All of the core courses are offered online, however, part of the 39 required credit hours includes a mandatory one-week seminar on the Thomas Jefferson campus at the end of the completed program.

Through the program, students may also be trained in the leadership and analytical business skills that are needed to manage safety and cost regulations within the field of health care. Students will take classes such as Health Economics and Health Policy Analysis among others that aim to teach the full ins-and-outs of the hidden challenges and workings of health care policy.

This degree may be well suited for individuals who plan to enter any health care field, such as pharmaceutical professionals or health information technology. This degree may also benefit those individuals working for national or state regulated health fields, or individuals seeking to work in health-related academic fields. The Masters of Public Health program is also designed for students who already have a health-related degree and are pursuing a joint master’s degree to train and assist students in becoming a leader in an administrative position in public health.


Earned baccalaureate degree with approximate GPA of 3.0
One of the following:
Competitive score on the GRE or other graduate entrance examination
Graduate degree or at least 9 credits of earned graduate coursework with a grade of ""B"" or higher
Current enrollment in a graduate clinical program (e.g., MD, MSN)
GPA of 3.3 or higher and specified coursework with grade of ""B"" or higher from a Jefferson-affiliated college or university
Competency in basic statistics demonstrated by
At least 3 credits of undergraduate or graduate coursework with grade of ""B"" or higher or
Passing score on JSPH statistics challenge examination

Accreditation & Licensing

Middle States Commission on Higher Education


The master’s programs also require a one-week Capstone Seminar Experience on the Jefferson campus at the end of the program.