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Master of Science in Applied Health Economics and Outcomes Research.

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Program Details

The Masters of Science in Applied Health Economics and Outcomes Research is a program offered by Thomas Jefferson University. The program focuses on teaching students how to analyze the cost and effectiveness of products and services. Through this program, students will receive training in how to use research and existing data to evaluate the effectiveness of methods of health care in the larger scheme of cost and spending. In today’s world of mounting health care costs, complex innovations, and new medical practices, this program seeks to create a new generation of health care professionals who are aware of both the effectiveness and cost of medical policies and procedures. This program also strives to break the incorrect belief that more expensive means that a procedure is better or more effective.

Individuals seeking to go into any health care discipline may find this program to be a good fit. Pharmaceutical or device industry professionals that handle new product development or medical science may receive great use of the economic analysis tools Thomas Jefferson supplies through this degree. Those that wish to go into health related information technology as engineers or market researchers may also make great use of the skills taught. This program may also be ideal for students who already have an undergraduate degree such as economics or public policy and wish to strengthen their knowledge of economic research and policy decision-making.

Thomas Jefferson offers the majority of this program online over the course of three 14-week sessions, which may be completed in as little as 12 to 15 months for full time students. The university does require students to attend a mandatory one-week capstone seminar on the Thomas Jefferson campus at the end of the program. The “Capstone Week” includes a presentation of the student’s capstone projects and the chance to meet and share information with other students. This seminar provides hands-on project experience as well as key discussions on subjects such as population health and AHEOR.


Competency in basic statistics demonstrated by undergraduate or graduate course in introductory statistics with grade of B or higher taken during the past 5 years, or demonstration of basic statistical understanding through current or recent work and passing score on JSPH statistics qualifying test
Competency in basic medical terminology demonstrated by graduate/ undergraduate coursework or passing score on JSPH medical terminology qualifying test following review of self-guided study material

Accreditation & Licensing

Middle States Commission on Higher Education


The masters programs also require a one-week Capstone Seminar Experience on the Jefferson campus at the end of the program.