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Workforce and Program Development, B.S.

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The University of West Florida offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Workforce and Program Development. This program intends to prepare students to meet the challenges of designing, developing and implementing interventions to support employers, employees, as well as individuals who are underemployed and unemployed. Students enrolled in the program may develop valuable experience with faculty members who have “real world” experience and associations within the Career and Technical field. This program is delivered completely online and is completed after 120 credit hours.

Once students are enrolled in the Workforce and Development program, they must meet a few requirements in addition to the university’s general requirements. First, students must consult with their academic advisor for courses, which may satisfy both the general studies requirements and common prerequisites. Second, students seeking the B.S. in Career and Technical Education: Workforce and Program Development must earn a grade of “C” or higher in all major courses.

Students must complete their general studies requirement (36-37 credit hours), common prerequisites (15 credit hours), lower division electives (24 credit hours), major required courses (36 credit hours), major related courses (6 credit hours), and last upper division electives (28 credit hours). The core of this program is the major required courses, which include the following; Principles of Career and Technical Studies, Course Construction for Career and Technical Training, and Career and Technical Instructional Evaluation.

Upon completion of the requirements for the Workforce and Program Development degree, students should be able to plan, supervise, conduct and evaluate training programs in business, industry, and government. From trainers to counselors to curriculum developers, graduates work in a variety of organizations to support career and technical education and training.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges