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Program Details

The University of West Florida offers certificate programs in Public Health. The prime directives in public health are to protect and improve the public’s health, to increase access to health services and prevent health disparities, and to determine the causes and distribution of disease and to use that knowledge to prevent future outbreaks of disease.

Students may complete the certificate programs to learn more about these fields, for promotional opportunities in their current job, or to retool for a new career path on their way to earning a Master of Public Health. For the UWF MPH program, students may take up to four courses, including those in the Certificate Programs, while they are in the process of completing their application for admission. Specializations within the Certificate Programs in Public Health include Emergency Management, Environmental Health, Infection Control, and Occupational Safety and Health. An additional specialization in Readiness and Response is available at the undergraduate level.

To apply to the Certificate of Public Health program, students must complete a form to indicate their intent to pursue the Certificate in Public Health, attaching their resume/CV and an additional Letter of Intent to Pursue as indicated if they are missing any prerequisite requirements. This information is used to ensure students have the background to begin the Certificate program and to monitor their progress towards program completion. If students Intent to Pursue Form is approved, they will then be asked to read, sign, and submit the Certificate Honor Code Form. Then students may proceed to register for courses and complete their certificate.

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