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Program Details

The University of West Florida offers a Certificate in Medical Informatics. This program provides coverage of these areas and further explores the interdisciplinary nature of Medical Informatics. This is a program that may be of interest to physicians, nurses, health care administrators, medical librarians, computer scientists, technicians, engineers, and others.
The emphasis of the program is on the real world interaction between medicine and technology and not on theory. This certificate provides practical and up-to-date examples of issues and interesting emerging technologies with regional, national, and international impacts. All four courses in the certificate program were designed with input from (and are taught by) physicians, computer scientists, and business leaders.

Students may develop real skills that will enable them to work effectively on interdisciplinary teams. With an emphasis on tutorials providing hands-on training, team-based online discussions, and analysis of case studies, students may learn how to use medical informatics to make a difference, particularly in the area of improving communication, patient safety, and quality of care in health care and/or public health arenas.

Specifically, upon completion of this certificate, students should be able to prioritize and defend the use of current and emerging computer technologies to physicians, administrators, and other health care professionals. Second, students should be able to evaluate commercial software products to manage medical information. Third, students may be able to analyze new and existing clinical data resources, and last, deploy new software tools to meet the needs of a clinical practice or administration.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges


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