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Global Studies

Program Details

San Jose State University offers a Bachelor's in Global Studies for students interested in taking part in a program that may expand their understanding of international relations in examination of international socioeconomic and political issues. Students will study globalization and its effects on global culture and international relationships and how globalization has affected different cultures. Additionally, students may learn about different cultures in order to develop an international understanding of cultural values in order to compare different cultures. Students will be taught how culture, history, religion, and social organization are factored into the process of promoting technology in these areas.  

Students will focus on a curriculum that involves development of advanced cataloguing, classification, and retrieval of information within a library system. The curriculum consists of courses which include the culture and civilizations of other lands, energy, resources, and climate change, social, political, and ethical dimensions of global sustainability.

Individuals should have the capability to identify, analyze, and interpret the theories involved in the economic, social, and political activities of international relations, to understand the impact of technology on international relations and communication, to understand sociological and technical systems involved in international relation and understand the effect of globalization and technology on global society, and to understand global events and current developments in international relations in relation to historical activity in global relations.

Throughout the program, students may expand their capacity to perform cultural comparisons between their own cultural, political, and social values and those held by other cultures.

Accreditation & Licensing

Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Senior College and University Commission