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Bachelors Degree in History/Political Science/Pre-Law

Program Details

Students interested in politics, law, or histories have a responsibility to learn about the cultures and social conditions in which they will study or represent. Students in these fields need a solid grasp of art, science, philosophy, social sciences, the humanities and a variety of other fields in order to grasp the history of mankind when it comes understanding how the modern world came to be. Students interested in politics and law need to understand the histories of their fields and the history of events that shaped society in both application of government and law. 

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College offers a Bachelor degree in History and Political science for students who are interested in pre-law programs or want to function in politics or a variety of other fields. The program allows students will take part in a rigorous course of study that will allow them to enter the legal profession in a way best suited for their interests. The program is designed for students who seek an education in those fields or who are interested in entering law school. 

In this field of study, students will be required to have a wide understanding of fields that are directly and tangentially related to the study of history, politics, and law. Students will study in courses that will develop their critical thinking capacity and their cultural and historical perspective. These classes include science of politics, the American federal system, American public policy, state and local government, united states history to 1877, united states history since 1877, the united states as a world power, the united states constitution, law, ethics, and society, legal research, computers in law, research methods in social science, general psychology, and sociology.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission