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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Security Management

Program Details

Criminal justice and law enforcement agencies actively encourage officers and staff to pursue higher education degrees and actively seek to hire new associates who have advanced degrees.  Members with a college education have expertise in criminal justice, advanced training and prestige in their field. Law enforcement agencies seek officers, special agents, sheriffs, and other members of local and state law enforcement with these degrees to perform the administrative and expert tasks that educated inpiduals can perform. In addition, federal organizations like the FBI seek inpiduals with a strong educational and experience background almost exclusively, especially as demands for homeland security continue to grow.

As part of the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree program at Saint Louis University is an online option for developing as a professional in the field of criminal justice and related studies. The online program is intended for working adults interested in security management but are either unable or unwilling to meet the rigors of a traditional class schedule. Online classrooms and curriculum have the advantage of allowing students to take classes from home, at any time, allowing students to complete their education without sacrificing their work schedule or personal life in order to do so. Through the program, students can concentrate their education in criminal justice, security management, and security management technology. 

Through the program, students will become proficient in the subject of criminal justice and security with a curriculum including principles of security, crime prevention, and asset protection, theories of crime, constitutional criminal procedures & issues, criminal law & evidence, criminal investigations, security administration. Through the specialization in criminal justice, students will take courses in juvenile justice systems, sociology of law, corrections, deviance & social control, and justice administration.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission