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Post Graduate Certificate In Health Information Technology.

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Program Details

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Health Information Technology is an online certificate program offered by Roberts Wesleyan College. The courses in this program are master’s level and are intended for health professionals who are master's-prepared.

This certificate is meant to compliment a Master’s in Business Administration, Health Administration, Nursing, and Computer Science. It is also meant to help facilitate the advancement into a career of health information. This program does not involve tests. Evaluations are based on writing, presentation projects, and leadership skills.

Health Informatics deals with the resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the acquisition storage, retrieval, and use of information.

This is an interdisciplinary program that involves computer science, business, and health administration. This program is based on both the modular and cohort systems of online learning. Each course is three credits and lasts five weeks. The four required classes are: Health Care Informatics, Health Care Data and Document Management, Health Care IT Standards, and Health Care Systems Analysis and Design.

This program involves Interactive Course Management System (CMS) that allows a student to access materials, store work, and interact with professors and colleagues at any time.

The requirements for this program include a resume, a completed application form, and a Master’s degree from an accredited college in any discipline. Students enrolled in this certification program are not eligible for Federal Direct funding or Grad PLUS loans. The estimated cost of twelve credit hours at $672 per semester hour plus books is $8,789.


Master's degree from an accredited college in any discipline.

Accreditation & Licensing

Middle States Commission on Higher Education