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Program Details

The Bachelor of Science degree with a focus on Health Services Administration offered by Robert Morris University aims to prepare its graduates to lead organizations in providing better health care for individuals, to foster better health for the population, and to lower per-capital costs through improvement. This program combines theory with case studies and examples in order to help students develop a comprehensive and practical understanding of the health care industry. Career options that are open to graduates with this degree include administrative positions in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation services, pharmaceutical sales, and the government. This online program offered by Robert Morris University focuses on an applied curriculum and professional skills.

All Bachelor programs offered by Robert Morris University require students to take a core of general education classes. These courses include the traditional liberal arts requirements such as humanities, communications, and social, behavioral, natural, and quantitative sciences. These core classes are required by Robert Morris University so that all of their graduates will have the ability to effectively use tools, techniques, and skills appropriate to their profession, to incorporate a variety of technological and informational resources to gather and synthesize information, to create, to communicate, to be able to manage knowledge, to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, and to act with integrity and honesty when in ethical situations. These courses account for thirty-nine credit hours of the one hundred and 26 credit hours required for this degree.

In addition, 36 credit hours in open electives in any liberal arts department are needed beyond the core requirements.

This major requires 45 credit hours of necessary coursework in Health Services Administration including an undergraduate thesis. Some of these classes include: Introduction to health Care System, Health Services Administration, Health Care Financial administration, Strategic Planning for Health Care, Marketing for Health Care, Health Care Law and Ethics, Consumer Health Issues, and Basic Principles of Health Economics. These courses help to produce graduates who are able to deal with politics, nuances, and complexities of the health care system; who are able to understand health care finance and efficient use of resources, and are able to integrate theory with their practical experience.

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Middle States Commission on Higher Education