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General Studies (A.S.)

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Roane State Community College is currently offering a General Studies Associate of Science Degree.  This program will give students a well-rounded education as it touches on all the basic disciplines in academia.  Students may choose this program in order to explore various areas and discover where their own interests lie in order to pursue further education, or they may wish simply to gain more knowledge and understanding of the fundamental aspects in the human experience.  To complete this program, students must earn 60 credit hours, which a full time student can do within four semesters.

As a part of the general requirements for an Associate of Science, students must complete certain courses in Communication.  Students also have several options regarding classes in the other various fields of study.  Fields include History, Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics, and Social Sciences.  Classes range from Literature to World Religions, Biology, Pre-calculus, Economics, Psychology, and even Social Problems.  Students must also choose 16 hours of elective courses from the list of freshman/sophomore courses.  

Associate’s Degrees help students gain entry-level positions in certain focuses.  They can also jumpstart a college education as it prepares students to transfer to colleges and universities in pursuit of practically any major.  Students can complete the first two years of their Bachelor’s Degree while getting a high quality education.  Students can explore their particular field of interest as well as check off general classes requirements needed for many Bachelor’s degrees.  Students also save money by avoiding starting directly at their chosen university, and the transfer from high school to college is made easier through the online setting.   Students interested in pursuing a four-year degree can share their long-term goals with the admissions representatives so they can select classes accordingly.

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Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges