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Aspergers Syndrome and High Functioning Autism

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Portland State University offers experienced special education teachers the opportunity to continue to develop their skills identifying and working with students who display characteristics of Aspergers Syndrome or similar conditions on the autism spectrum. The certificate in AS/HFA gives a theoretical foundation of knowledge in autism and instruction in methods that will broaden the student’s instructional repertoire.

PSU has a long history of experience as pioneer in this field. This experience uniquely positions PSU to equip students with the advanced techniques and tools necessary for academic and social skills training of children with AS/HFA in K-12 classrooms.  For over thirty years PSU students have benefited from the foundational approach of PSU’s special education programs. PSU provides students with training in the right combinations of therapies and interventions to achieve remarkable breakthroughs with AS/HFA children.

PSU’s Graduate School of Education offers an online certificate program in AS/HFA does not lead to licensure, but significantly deepens the student’s skill set. Because children with Aspergers Syndrome or related conditions on the autism spectrum respond differently to treatments and therapies, PSU offers a multi-dimensional online certificate program that prepares students for success in a perse and rapidly evolving field. 

The AS/HFA certificate is based on a framework for understanding how to improve the social, cognitive, behavioral and academic skills of children with Aspergers Syndrome by teaching them to utilize appropriate social skills across a perse array of contexts. PSU’s 12-credit program emphasizes the need to understand the ways in which AS/HFA impacts all aspects of a student’s life including behavior, social interaction and learning skills. The program focuses on the specific techniques, strategies, and environmental modifications needed to enable children and young adults to succeed in general education, at home, and in the community.        

Portland State University’s 12-credit certificate in AS/HFA focuses on topics such as diagnostic issues, educational implications of AS/HFA, successful transitioning through grade levels to college, and succeeding in the work world. This online certificate program is ideal for general education teachers, school psychologists and guidance counselors, speech and language therapists and reading specialist, special educators, learning specialists and paraprofessionals, as well as administrators, parents and other members of the student’s educational team.

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