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Students seeking education in health and medicine administration have the opportunity to participate in Portland Community College’s online Associate of Applied Science in Health Informatics.  Earning the AAS degree may give students the necessary knowledge and skills to participate in a variety of courses, designed not only to enable the practice of good health but also the education of proper public health procedures to the general public.  A degree concentration in Health Informatics is a broad interdisciplinary area of study that encompasses many attributes to the efficient operation of a healthcare organization.   

The healthcare industry is highly dependent on accurate information and the efficient acquisition and distribution of records among the faculty, staff and reimbursement professionals.  Maintaining accurate, accessible, confidential and current medical records is an essential responsibility for health information professionals.  Health Informatics is a crucial dynamic in the healthcare industry, providing leadership administration skills in organizations such as hospitals, health care systems, and public health systems.   Students of the concentration can enter the competitive job market with the valuable knowledge and understanding of health care fundamentals.  

The AAS discipline is the foundational education to provide essential information and administrative duties to management and supplement medical staff in non-patient duties.  The integral administration duties allow healthcare organizations to maintain effective procedures used by medical staff.  Nurses, physicians, doctors, insurance companies and other financial institutions rely heavily on the information obtained from health information professionals.  The curriculum is a combination of information technology and healthcare management courses designed to give students the skills to create, maintain, and manage the complex information systems that gather, store, and transfer Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Graduates of the Health Informatics Associate of Applied Science degree should be able to pursue entry-level positions working with a variety of database systems and programs intrinsic to health information systems.  Graduates may also use the core curriculum as the foundation for furthering their educational endeavors at a bachelor's or master's level, as well as focused coursework when entering the competitive healthcare industry.

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