Legal Transcriptionist
Penn Foster

Program Details

At Penn Foster, students are able to earn the skills and techniques required of a legal transcriptionist. The Legal Transcriptionist diploma program consists of eight courses that students complete at their own pace.

Students begin by taking an introduction course in Legal Transcription, where they learn the responsibilities of professional transcribers. In Basic Legal Terminology, students study the terms for torts, litigation, criminal law, family law, and contract law.

Students discuss the functions and structure of the United States court system, foundations of modern law, ethical considerations, and the codification of law. In Basic Keyboarding and Microsoft Office Applications, students receive training in basic keyboarding, and often improve typing speed and accuracy. Students study different types of writing often encountered in the business environment. Students practice writing business letters and memos, acknowledging sentence cohesion, paragraph construction, and using correct grammar.

Students in the Legal Transcriptionist program are also trained in Personal Development. This course offers personal skills essential for a career as a legal transcriptionist.

Through the use of computers, this course is designed to introduce students to sources of law, including legal research, and proper preparations of legal documents. Students are instructed to focus on probate practice, appellate practice, and also bankruptcy. These topics are covered to provide students with applicable knowledge of common transcribing duties.

Students who complete the Legal Transcriptionist Diploma program should be well versed in various Windows programs, and have the opportunity for improved writing skills. Students who have completed this program might find employment in law firms, insurance companies, independent transcription agencies, or banks.


  • Have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent

School Accreditation Statement

Penn Foster Accreditation and Licenses

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