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Ocean County College offers an online Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security which provides students with a broad understanding of safety and security issues, including terrorism, natural and man-made disasters, and emergency management.  The program focuses on prevention and protection, preparedness and response, information sharing and analysis, and research and technology.

Ocean County College offers a variety of engaging and professionally insightful online courses that can be taken as part of a complete degree program, or on an individual class-by-class basis.  These comprehensive educational programs are designed for students of any age.  Daily schedules make regular campus visits difficult for many busy individuals; therefore, Ocean County College has made available a premier e-learning environment.  This innovative platform allows individuals to take charge of their schedule and participation through an integration of communication services in an easy-to-use software system.  The online courses follow the same academic calendar as the on-campus classes.  

Online programs provide advising in areas such as course selection as well as transfer and career options.  The e-learning software is called the Pearson Learning Studio. Students work closely with an admissions specialist and/or an academic advisor to prepare a schedule that works well.  After students have been accepted they receive an acceptance package that informs how to login to Ocean Cruiser.  Ocean Cruiser allows access to WEBADVISOR so that searching for courses and registering is easy.  It is also recommended that upon successful registration, a Student Orientation Tutorial be viewed so that all questions and expectations for online courses are made clear.

The Homeland Security degree is a 64 credit hour program.  Required courses include classes such as Fundamentals of Public Speaking, English I and II, Introduction to Homeland Security, Fundamentals of Emergency Management, Domestic and International Terrorism, Introduction to Security, Introduction to the Intelligence Function, and more.  Likewise, the student has a choice between, Computer Literacy or Library Research Skills and Information Literacy; and General Psychology or Introduction to Sociology.  Additionally, general education requirements are among Lab Science (4 hrs.), OCC (3 hrs.), Foreign Language (6 hrs.), History (3 hrs.), and Electives.


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