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Northwest Christian University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Teacher Education for individuals who want to further the skills they need to function as a highly qualified teacher. Through the program, students should increase their capabilities in classroom management, best teaching practices, and the ability to utilize useful assessment tools. Students will take part in a curriculum which will impart advanced knowledge and training in education. The program offers multiple concentrations in early childhood education, elementary education, middle school education, and high school education. These specializations include ESOL, basic mathematics, integrated science, language arts, social studies, Spanish, and advanced mathematics.  

Potential qualifications of graduates include the ability to treat students equitably, recognizing the individual differences that distinguish the needs of one student from another, to adjust educational practices based on observation and knowledge of their students’ interests, abilities, skills, knowledge, family circumstances, and peer relationships, and to create multiple paths to the subjects they teach, utilizing knowledge of how educational subjects are created, organized, linked to other disciplines, and applied to real-world settings.

In addition, students will be expected to manage and monitor student learning to create, enrich, maintain, and alter instructional settings to capture and sustain the interest of their students and to make the most effective use of time, and to draw on knowledge of human development, subject matter and instruction, and understanding of students to make principled judgments about sound practice.

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Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities