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Interdisciplinary Studies

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Northwest Christian University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies for students beginning their college education but who are not ready to choose what field they want to study or are interested in careers that necessitate the customization of their curriculum into a unique program that suits their needs. Students will utilize the time they spend in this program developing their knowledge and interest in the sciences. The program consists of a variety of general education courses with which the student customizes their program around, forming the basis for unique career opportunities or future studies opportunities.

The program is intended to be a combination of multiple academic disciplines in which students can combine to meet their interest and career goal needs. These areas of emphasis are designed to help guide students towards a career goal and field of study with emphasis choices that include the arts, organization and communication of ideas, business, science, education, social and behavioral sciences, health, social justice and equity studies, technology, and the humanities.

Potential qualifications include the ability to demonstrate general education requirements necessary to for career development and future education options, to utilize effective writing and speaking habits needed for future studies and professions, to locate, evaluate, and apply reliable and appropriate information for research, occupational, and study purposes, and the ability to utilize scientific methods of inquiry which will aide in the scientific and general acquisition of knowledge.

Individuals are expected to be able to demonstrate the ability to utilize computers and developing technologies effectively in personal and professional usage, appreciation of the variety of human experiences as expressed through the arts, knowledge and appreciation of diverse cultures, and to demonstrate awareness of personal obligations and responsibilities in one’s community of influence.

Accreditation & Licensing

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities