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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

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Northwest Christian University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice for students interested in learning about the principles and procedures of law enforcement and other fields in criminal justice, including corrections, administration, and the legal system.  Students will study the basic and advanced theories of law enforcement along with the laws, policies, and practices associated with the adult and juvenile and criminal justice system as well as delinquent behavior and government response to criminal violations. Students should learn about the legal aspects of law enforcement, including the protection of rights of victims and perpetrators, as well as the analytical and statistical approach to monitoring and predicting criminal activity.

Students will take part in a curriculum which will develop their understanding of the sociological foundations of criminal justice, in addition to the law and legal system. The curriculum consists of courses which include introduction to criminal justice, introduction to law enforcement, and statistics in criminal justice.  

Successful graduates should be able to exhibit introductory understanding of criminal justice, including understanding of the historical background to common law and criminal law concerning the structure of the criminal justice system and the enforcement of the law, understanding of the nature of crime, criminal statistics, and theories of criminal causation and control, understanding of the contemporary theories and concepts used to analyze, understand, and explain social deviance and its consequences for individuals and society, and to demonstrate understanding of the legal issues involved in the theory and practice of criminal justice procedure regarding the accused from arrest to release.

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