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Master of Business Administration

Program Details

New Charter University is an entirely online university, providing busy professionals with the opportunity to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students of the university can successfully complete coursework through a virtual classroom, and apply the learned academics to current or future career aspirations. The MBA program is comprised of the advanced business courses of accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management and other similar concepts.

A graduate student’s purpose of earning a master's degree is to obtain higher positions in leadership and management career opportunities. Graduates who hold an MBA degree will be eligible for jobs that need the advanced education, knowledge and understanding of core business concepts. Students of an MBA program will use theory and application of business and management principles when competing for promotions or completing critical tasks. Some of the concentrations offered include:

  • Sales Management
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Health Care Management
  • Entrepreneurship


Letters of recommendation. A bachelors degree is required.

Accreditation & Licensing

Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)