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Program Details

National Graduate School of Quality Management offers a Master of Science in Health Systems Degree which is well suited for students who wish to pursue a higher education through a well structured program. Students enrolled in this degree program can expect a challenging learning experience centered on health systems topics. Individuals in this program will gain knowledge and skills that are sought after by employers in this field. Graduates who earn this degree can expect to attain higher positions in the workforce and increase their job security. This program is designed for students who are already in the field or those who wish to enter with a high quality education in health systems.

The Master of Science in Health Systems Degree Program consists of 36 total credit hours that may be completed in 12 months. This accelerated program requires subject related courses and the completion of a Master’s Business Project. The M.S. in Health Systems Degree program is structured in a cohort group format. This format requires students to frequently work in teams outside of the classroom setting in order to successfully complete all program material; 400 hours of time outside of the classroom must be spent working on this project as well. Individual progress will be monitored by faculty within the program in order to ensure students are meeting program standards. Students must also gain validation and be able to successfully defend their Master’s Business Project in order to graduate from this program.

Parts of this program may be completed online; however, much work during this program must be completed on campus or in groups outside of the classroom setting. This part-online learning environment provides flexibility for enrolled students who are employed or have other obligations. Students must be highly disciplined to complete a large amount of coursework. Time management and word processing skills are very important for students who enroll in this degree program.

Accreditation & Licensing

New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education


Online programs and courses are not available to Massachusetts residents.