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Program Details

Mid-America Christian University is currently offering a degree program for worship leaders looking for a way to make their worship service or ministry more dynamic. The Certificate in Worship Leadership is a collaboration program between Mid-America Christian University and Tommy Coomes. Tommy Coomes is a Christian music innovator and has designed this program from the ground-up. This degree program examines five central pillars of Christian leadership: Spiritual, Management/Business, Artistic, Relational and Technical. In the Spiritual pillar, students will explore how to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and with the gospels, while Management will examine how to conduct business and lead in a financial organization while maintaining Christian values. The Artistic pillar will look at how to infuse music and other forms of spiritual entertainment into worship services. The Relational pillar will teach students how to connect with their spiritual community and maintain open lines of communication. Finally, the Technical pillar will train students in how to integrate technology into worship service and seminars.

This is a flexible, online degree program that lets students attend classes on campus or experience the program completely online. All classes, concerts and seminars are held on the Mid-America Christian University campus and can be attended by students or watched on live-streaming video online. The program takes place each weekend for one year. Every Friday, a pre-concert gathering and speaker will occur before a Friday night worship concert. On Saturdays, an all-day worship seminar will take place.  Each Saturday will include a different guest artist or speaker. Courses take place on Sundays and are taught by a large pool of worship professionals. Students will be able to attend classes online and receive their assignments for the week during the Sunday courses.  This year-long certificate program consists of 24 credit hours total. These credits can be applied toward a worship-related bachelor’s degree upon graduation. To apply for this program, students must submit a video resume of their current worship leadership styles and methods.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission