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Microcomputer Office Technology -- Information Technology (OTTCO).

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Program Details

Metropolitan Community College offers a Microcomputer Office Technology – Information Technology (OTTCO) program that awards the Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion. Students will be provided an education that teaches the foundations of microcomputers and how they may be applied to the business field. Students should gain hands-on experience using software that may be used for applications within an IT department.

Students will need to complete a total of 51.5 credits. The total credits are divided into 18 general education, 20 major requirement, and 13.5 option requirement credits. Students may complete the entire program in one year or four quarters.

The program requires students to complete general education courses within four core subjects. Students will need to complete 4.5 credits within the humanities/social sciences, other, communications, and quantitative/numeracy skills courses subjects. General education courses at Metropolitan Community College intend to prepare students for both personal and professional success. Students will be given a strong educational background within a wide variety of subjects as well as the essential career skills for future occupations. Within the program’s general education courses, students are taught the principles of becoming a productive individual, contributing team member and a lifelong learning student.

The major requirement courses at MCC provide students with experience and knowledge that is required for careers within the field of microcomputer office technology field. Students will need to complete five required courses. Some of the courses are Keyboard Skill-building, Microsoft Word I, Spreadsheets, and Business Preparations.

In addition to the major requirement and general education courses, students will also need to complete three option requirement courses. The three, 4.5 credit courses are Database Fundamentals, Microsoft Web Editor, and Workplace Technologies. The courses should strengthen the necessary skills for careers within complex information technology work settings.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission