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Program Details

The Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer (LATAS) program at Metropolitan Community College awards the Associate in Science degree. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad education with a strong foundation within natural sciences, mathematics, or science dependent studies. Upon completion of the associate degree and the recommended courses, students may transfer to a four-year institution. Students should consult with their preferred transfer institution(s) to determine the admission, general education and major requirements before enrolling in the LATAS courses. The LATAS program is delivered through a hybrid format of both traditional and online courses.

To be eligible for graduation, students must complete 96 credit hours. The total credits are divided into 27 general education and 69 major requirement credits. The program may be completed in two years while maintaining the status of a full-time student.

The general education courses within the program provide students with a broad foundational knowledge and the essential career skills for future occupations.  Courses should provide students with hands-on experience for both personal and professional success. Within the program’s general education courses, students are taught the principles of becoming a productive individual, contributing team member and a lifelong learning student. The general education credits are divided into 13.5 communication, 4.5 quantitative/numeracy skills, and 9 other credits.

The program’s major requirement courses should provide advanced education within a variety of core subjects. MCC provides students the option of choosing their own courses, within the listed categories, that fulfill the credit requirements. Students will need to complete 4.5 quantitative/numeracy skills/computer sciences, 9 social sciences, 4.5 humanities, 28.5 natural sciences/quantitative/numeracy skills, 4.5 cultural studies, and 18 elective credits. Within the natural science/quantitative/numeracy skills category, a minimum of 12 credits must be taken in the area of BIOS, CHEM, PHYS, and SCIE and must include one lab course. Students are advised to consult with their preferred transfer institution(s) in order to ensure appropriate elective course enrollment.

MCC provides a list of special associate in science transfer agreements with four-year institutions. All courses recommended for the program should be completed before transfer. It should be known that there is no guarantee for the admission to a four-year institution after the completion of the Associate-Bachelors Transfer degree.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission