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Mercer University offers a Master of Science in Engineering degree. This program allows students to develop the knowledge and skills to produce high quality designs and high quality code, while acquiring valuable techniques for managing cost, schedule, and risk. Students will also explore real-world issues software engineers face within industry, learn how to orient work to best fit client’s and employer’s business needs, enhance their ability to effectively communicate in professional settings, and complete projects involving the latest technologies.

Students will acquire numerous software skills. This include conducting a software development or maintenance project throughout its entire lifecycle, including requirements analysis, object oriented design, object oriented programming, and testing, using iterative, incremental processes, develop high quality lower level designs using Refactoring, and create or improve higher level designs using Design Patterns. Students will also learn to program proficiently in Java, C++ or C#, develop capabilities in areas such as software architectures, enterprise architectures, software testing, and software security, and apply agile software development processes.

Students must complete 30 semester hours, of which 18 hours must be at the 600 level. Students must already be able to do multi-module programming in a modern high order language. Courses include Object-Oriented Design I, Object-Oriented Design II, Software Engineering, Disciplined Software Development, Advanced Computational Techniques, Computational Intelligence Applications, Advanced Graphic Interfaces, Object-Oriented Project Methods, Design Problems and Solutions, Design Quality and Maintenance, Software Test, Software Architecture, Software Risk Management, and Lean and Agile Software Development.


Admission of undergraduate students to the integrated Master of Science in Engineering program is only open to Mercer students. The school limits enrollment to students whose grade point average at the end of their junior year is equal to or greater than 3.0. Students must also have the appropriate undergraduate background for the graduate program they select, and must be approved by the department chair.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges