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Maryland Institute College offers a Master’s of Professional Studies in Information Visualization. This program prepares students to translate complex data into graphics, images, and other forms of design so that information can be communicated quickly and effectively to more people. Students will connect the understanding of science, technology, industry, and information/data analysis to principles and practices of design.

During the 14-month program, students gain core training in principles, methods, and tools to create well-designed visuals. Students will also participate in a three and a half day on-campus residency to provide essential experience to meet, collaborate, and build a potential network of colleagues who identify with and understand the complexities of using information and data sets in creative and dynamic ways to communicate visually.

Required courses focus on the process of developing compelling narratives using information and data, and provide an overview of art and design theories, methods, and applications such as design thinking, color theory, graphic design, constructive critique, and prototyping. Some courses will provide an overview of probability and statistics concepts commonly used in the visualization process, or will introduce students to research methods for gathering and analyzing information and data that are central to creating visualizations. Upon completion, students graduate with not only a degree but a portfolio of research and analysis projects, and well-conceived visualizations.

Accreditation & Licensing

Middle States Commission on Higher Education