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Certificate in Biblical Leadership

Program Details

Manhattan Christian College offers a Certificate of Biblical Leadership program for those that are not interested in a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Leadership degree.  The certificate program is designed for students that would like to pursue a career as a lay minister or other position that does not require a BS degree.

This program will focus on different aspects of leadership for Christians in both church and the workplace, concentrating on “educating, equipping, and enriching Christian leaders.”  You will learn general knowledge and understanding of the Christian canon and theological concepts and integrate your studies into leadership ministry.  Graduates are able to perform basic exegesis necessary for preaching, teaching, and Bible study and can understand basic principles of leadership in a healthy, growing church.


  • Official transcripts
  • References
  • ACT or SAT scores

Accreditation & Licensing

Association for Biblical Higher Education, Commission on Accreditation

Higher Learning Commission