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Master of Arts in History

Program Details

Louisiana Tech University offers a Master of Arts in History degree. This degree prepares students who wish to further study and earn a Ph.D. in history. Students enrolled will acquire knowledge and skills essential for the practice of history. Individuals often pair this M.A. in History with a teacher certification program. Students who chose this route are able to teach at the secondary education level. Many students who enroll in this program write a master’s thesis. However, other students may work under the non-thesis option. The thesis option is beneficial for students who want to work towards a Ph.D. in History.

The Thesis Option (Plan A) includes 30 hours of course credits; 18 credit hours must be at the 500-level. This option is also composed of written comprehensive exams and an oral defense of the thesis and 6 credit hours are awarded for completing the thesis and the remaining credits must be completed in 500-level or 400-level courses. The Non-Thesis Option (Plan B) consists of 33 total credit hours., 18 of these credit hours must be 500-level courses. Plan B involves written comprehensive exams but no thesis. The department will be looking at student’s development of writing and research skills. All classes for this program are available online and can be taken part-time or full-time. This online learning environment allows students to have a flexible experience while working towards their degree.

Students in this program must elect a Major Specialty Concentration. This concentration consists of 12 credit hours of coursework chosen by the student during a meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies. A plan of study must be submitted by the student by the end of the first quarter.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges