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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Financial Planning

Program Details

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Planning available at Liberty University is designed for those who are interested in developing their financial practices. These skills may then be applied to the business world and financial planning. Some of the topics that will be discussed include investment strategy, financial analysis, banking sills, and the stock market. Other subjects include accounting, economics, general business, domestic investing, and international investing. 

The information learned in this program may be applied towards careers such as a financial analyst, investment banker, entrepreneur, personal financial planner, or management consultant. 

Liberty places focus on commitment, service, and learning through collaboration of students, faculty, and God. This school intends to challenge students to serve each other, strive towards excellence, and learn all there is to know about their future career or position.


Standard or advanced high school diploma or its equivalent

Accreditation & Licensing

Liberty University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. This is the regional accrediting body for southern states.

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)


Liberty University does not engage in unlawful discrimination or harassment because of race, color, ancestry, religion, age, sex, national origin, pregnancy or childbirth, disability or military veteran status in its educational programs and activities. Liberty University maintains its Christian character and reserves its right to discriminate on the basis of religion to the extent that applicable law respects its right to act in furtherance of its religious objectives. The following persons have been designated to coordinate Liberty University’s compliance with certain anti-discrimination laws: Coordinator of LU Online Disability Academic Support at (434) 592-5417 or; Director of Disability Academic Support (Residential) at (434) 582-2159 or; Title IX Coordinator at (434) 582-8948 or Visit for Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.