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Advanced Professional Certificate in Instructional Technology

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Lesley’s Advanced Professional Certificate (APC) program in Instructional Technology is offered to students who wish to learn about implementing technology in an educational environment. Instructional Technology is the idea of utilizing new technology in the classroom setting. This utilization can come in many shapes and forms: from the utilization of blogging and website creation for projects to creating lessons that incorporate the many capabilities of the Smartboard. Further, technology may greatly ease a teacher’s burden when it comes to grading when programs are properly used. Technology may also provide students with the additional skill practice that is critical to fully understanding a certain subject.

Lesley’s technology courses encourage the use of technology both in the classroom and in the larger curriculum. Courses such as Integrate Technology Into School Curriculum cover new technology that has been proven to increase student engagement and strategies to incorporate these technologies into a variety of subjects and curricula. The Instructional Technology APC program requires 24 credits for completion and may be earned completely online.

Students’ familiarity with technology is ever increasing. Navigating technology has become second nature to most of today’s children, which makes incorporating this technology all the more necessary in the classroom. Students may learn more about Lesley’s program on the school’s website.


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