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Program Details

Students participating in Lenoir Community College’s Associate of Arts program may gain the concentrated education in Early Childhood Education. Early childhood education is the level of schooling for children aged kindergarten through the 5th grade. Early childhood education settings can range from public schooling to private institutions to home schooling. Students will be responsible for creating lesson plans, disciplinary actions, and fostering creativity as well as exude proper ethics and professional behavior. Students of the associate degree program may continue their education at higher levels, such as a bachelor or master’s degree, to acquire teaching licensures and positions in a variety of educational institutions.

The Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education degree program is comprised of 72 semester credit hours and introduces students to foundational concepts necessary to pursue entry-level positions in school systems. Students will enroll in a strategic blend of courses designed to enhance a student teachers personal and professional development. The courses include topics of interest in Child, Family, & Communication, Development, and Guidance.

To culminate the associate program, students must complete a capstone practicum. The capstone course should demonstrate the student teacher’s full understanding of the programs objectives as well as prepare them for entry into an education system. Students wishing to continue their teaching pursuits at higher levels may alleviate the growing need of well-trained and educated professionals, willing and able to inform, educate, and influence the lives of children. Teachers, public or private, have the abilities to develop school aged children into socialized and intuitive individuals ready to take on the next level of education in high school or even college.

Successful completion of the associate program may give graduates the ability to obtain career opportunities in teaching and substitute-teaching in addition to using the degree as foundation for further educational aspirations at the bachelor or masters level of education.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges