Associate in Arts in Sociology
Lenoir Community College

Program Details

Students at Lenoir Community College have the option of pursuing a degree in Sociology through the Associate in Arts degree program. This program has been designed to give students the deeper understanding of human society, which encompasses the origins, development social groupings, and traditional and nontraditional organizations. The social science is a foundational body of knowledge needed when analyzing the intricacies of human behavior.

A sociologist is trained and educated to apply research and methodologies when analyzing past, present and future trends and events in a society. The goal of the traditional sociologist is to determine conclusive evidence, through scientific research, that will be applied to social programs, economic plans and a general understanding of human interaction. Students will participate in the core liberal arts courses, combined with the select set of electives to enhance the overall Associate of Arts degree program. The supplemental sociology electives should give the student a handle on which area of sociology best fits with personal and professional aspirations. The field of sociology may include social class, religion, welfare, government, politics, music, art, literature and anthropology.

Students in the sociology program should be introduced to the breadth and depth of courses such as logic, ethics, law, and history, as well as core liberal arts courses to satisfy the Associate in Arts degree designation. The student may use the learned curriculum for immediate entry into a career field, or as the foundation for higher educational pursuits. Graduates may use the degree in sociology to enter careers as policy makers, lawyers, educators, business managers, government organizations, and social workers.


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