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Program Details

Lee University, a Christ-centered liberal arts campus, offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Ministry Leadership – Youth Emphasis. All students enrolled in the program must take ENGL-106 or ENGL-110 by the completion of the 18th hour of college credit. If a student does not meet this requirement, he or she must enroll in ENGL-106 or ENGL110 before enrolling in any additional courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership is part of the Division of Adult Learning, and requires a total of 120 credit hours for completion. The religion core portion of the program is a total of 18 credit hours. The courses in this portion include BIBL 101, BIBL 102, BIBL 261, THEO 230, THEO 231, and THEO 335.

Students in this program must also take a total of 36 general education core courses including 12 hours in the humanities, 12 hours in communications, six hours of social science, and six hours of natural science and mathematics. Students should note that anyone who transitions to a Lee campus program must meet the Lee University residential general education requirements as outlined in the undergraduate catalog.

The ministry leadership specialty area portion of the program requires a total of 30 credit hours. The courses in this section include BIBL 204, BIBL 402, BIBL 421, CHED 340, CHMN 320, CLDR 301, CLDR 310, CLDR 450, PASM 351, and THEO 232.

In the youth ministry emphasis portion of the program a total of 24 credit hours are required. The courses in this section include CHED 241, CHMN 150, YTHM 245, YTHM 264, YTHM 331, YTHM 332, YTHM 351, and YTHM 433.

Students must also complete 12 credit hours in the general electives portion of the program.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges