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Program Details

Lee University, a Christ-centered liberal arts campus, offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Ministry Leadership – Counseling Emphasis. All students enrolled in the program must take ENGL-106 or ENGL-110 by the completion of the 18th hour of college credit. If a student does not meet this requirement, he or she must enroll in ENGL-106 or ENGL110 before enrolling in additional courses.

The degree can be completed in a four-year sequence of study. A total of 18 credit hours are required in the religion core portion of the program, which is intended to provide a biblical/theological foundation for students. The courses in this section include BIBL-101, BIBL-102, BIBL-261, THEo-230, THEO-231, and THEO-235.

The general education core portion of the program includes a total of 36 credit hours broken up between the humanities, communications, social science, and natural science and mathematics. A total of 12 credit hours are required in the humanities. HUMN-201 or ENGL-221 is required. Students must take 12 credit hours, four classes, in communications. The classes are GNST-111, COMM-200, ENGL-106, and ENGL-110. In the social science portion of the program, two of three classes are required. The classes offered in this section are PSYC-200, SOCI-200, and ECON-110. A total of six credit hours are required in the natural science and mathematics portion.

There are 10 classes under the specialty area portion of the program, for a total of 30 hours. The courses in this section include BIBL-204, BIBL-402, BIBL-421, CHED-340, CHMN-320, CLDR-301, CLDR-310, CLDR-450, PASM-351, and THEO-232.

Under the counseling emphasis portion of the program, eight courses are required for a total of 24 credits. These courses include PASM-264, PASM-464, PSYC-230AP, PSYC-250, PSYCH-320, PSYCH-401, PSYCH-451, and PSYC-452.

Only one course, GNST-400, is required under the academic assessment portion. Lastly, twelve credit hours are required in the general electives portion of the program.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges