Associate in Arts in Social Science
Lansing Community College

Program Details

Lansing Community College provides an Associate in Arts in Social Science program that can be completed online. The online courses offer flexible schedules and allow students to complete coursework outside of campus-based classes. The courses, however, are not self-paced and will have strict due dates for quizzes, assignments, discussion posts and essays. Students may have to attend campus if the course requires campus-based exams or presentations. All MACRAO Transfer Agreement requirements will be fulfilled upon completion of the program. The MACRAO Transfer Agreement ensures the graduates will be eligible to transfer to a participating two-year or four-year institution within the state of Michigan.

There are a variety of resources that may be used in order to help make online learning easier. Lansing Community College provides an online library, online tutoring, and a live phone service that offers technical support 24/7. There is also online academic advising for students that need more information or advice with the program’s course offerings. 

The program requires students to complete 32 General Education credits, 15 Major credits, and 13 Elective credits. The 32 General Education credits consist of eight credits within areas of English Composition, Humanities, Social Science and four credits within Mathematics and Science. Some Major courses that will be offered during the program are Intro to Political Science, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, and World Regional Geography. 

The program will educate students within a variety of areas of social science. Courses will cover topics such as the fundamental nature of politics, political institutions, nervous systems, development, learning, and social behavior. Instructors will provide an education in subjects such as theoretical perspectives, methods of sociology, social organization, cultural persity, and social stratification. 


  • High school transcript
  • SAT/ACT or placement test scores

School Accreditation Statement

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission