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La Salle University offers a Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology Management. The degree program emphasizes the importance of technology in the realm of educational industries. Instructional technology is responsible for the development, utilization, management and resource evaluation for the modern education processes. The future of e-learning is expanding and in need of well trained professionals. The Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology Management (ITM) opens career opportunities to its graduates in fields of study like: human resources, chief learning officer, instructional architect or an instructional designer.  The degree prepares graduates to occupy many roles within an organization; assessing performance goals, developing learning objectives, designing instructional materials, delivering curriculum in classrooms, online or in blended environments and using new technologies to improve performance and reduce the costs of education.

The ITM degree combines theory, experience, and management skills to provide students with a solid foundation of instructional design principles and techniques of understanding adult learners. The curriculum also offers a training development focus to evaluate software, applications, programs, and methods in the context of the corporate training environments. The M.S. in ITM program provides the resources for students to design, build and implement multimedia and online projects for e-learning in corporate, government, or educational settings. The degree also equips students with the skills and attributes necessary to provide vision, strategies and solutions to create and sustain a learning culture. The degree coursework covers the systems of learning and instruction and include areas of interest like:

Principles of Instructional Design

Project Management

Web Design/Visual Literacy

Client Communications/Consult

E-Collaboration for Instr Tech

Self-Assessment for Leadership

and a final Capstone project that culminates the learned courses throughout the program


The M.S. in ITM gives students and professionals in the learning and training industries opportunities for advancement to higher level positions. Companies hire under many titles for these types of positions, including Instructional Designers, Instructional Developers, E-learning Specialists, Corporate Trainers, Project Managers, and Instructional Technologists. Instructional technology is a growing field of study that uses technology as a way to solve educational hurdles, both in the classroom and in distance learning situations. There is a demand in the market for instructional designers and those trained in creating and delivering educational content for a corporate environment is a product of the ever-changing role technology has in the way humans learn. The hiring companies represent a broad spectrum of businesses in the U.S. including financial, telecommunications, energy, technology, pharmaceutical, insurance, banking, legal, and telecommunications industries. La Salle’s M.S. program in Instructional Technology Management strives to provide students with the skills and experience needed to train the incoming workforce, with e-learning and computer-based options. The ITM program is offered online with optional face to face meetings through the program.


Students must have three to five years professional experience in corporate training, human resources, information technology or business.

Accreditation & Licensing

Middle States Commission on Higher Education