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Pulp & Paper Technology - Certificate

Program Details

The Kennebec Community College offers a one-year certificate in the pulp and paper field. The certificate takes two semesters to complete its 33 credit hours. Students that participate in this program will receive an introductory overview of the entire pulp and paper process. Students can complete all of this online.

Through this program students will learn about the pulp and paper manufacturing process, the fundamentals of the technology, safety and appropriate work practices. Along with these skills students will also learn the basic math, science and communication skills needed to work in the pulp and paper work industry. A few other skills students will learn are an introduction to computers and electrical fundamentals required in the field. 

Fortunately, the Kennebec Community College has maintained a long-term affiliation with the national network of pulp and paper technology training. With the affiliation students will lean the large mission of providing the pulp and paper sector of the United States forest products industry with a competitive workforce. This mission has a great understanding of the need for better-trained, technically skilled workforce in order to stay competitive in today’s global economy.

The pulp and paper technology program at Kennebec community college also offers students the opportunity for transfer to other universities programs. This will allow students who are interested in careers in engineering and human resources management.


A few educational outcomes the graduate is expected to do is demonstrate competency in basic pulp and paper technology and math and fundamental technology skills. Graduates will be able to effectively communicate and work with their peers and supervisors. Finally, graduates will be qualified to become quality employees in the pulp and paper related industries.

There are career opportunities for students who complete the one-year certificate in the pulp and paper industry. Some included engineering assistants or even line supervisors. There are also opportunities for credit transfer for students wishing to pursue baccalaureate degrees in engineering through other colleges as well.


Must attain GPA of 2.0 or higher

Accreditation & Licensing

New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education

New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Technical and Career Institutions