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Program Details

The Kennebec Valley Community College offers an education degree with a concentration in early childhood. Students will have the opportunity to have hands on experiences with students through their practicum. 

There are three practicums, with of total of 360 hours. Practicum 1 explores what a developmentally appropriate practice is and how to implement it with young children. This practicum also includes a 15-hour seminar along with 90 hours on the work site. Practicum 2 will have students working in a different setting and with a different age of children as well. Practicum 2 also has a 15-hour seminar that explores working in partnership with families along with 135 hours on the work site. Practicum 3 is built to have students be more involved with young children. This Practicum also has a 15-hour seminar that explores current issues in the field of early childhood, and has a total of 135 hours on the work site.

After completion of the practicum’s students will develop a portfolio of current work and a professional portfolio to represent work done at KVCC. This experience will help improve future resumes by providing references for future employment applications.

Graduates of the early childhood program will have the skills to demonstrate a philosophy of working with young children in a developmentally appropriate manner no matter what age. Students will also develop the skills necessary to observe children and record them in an objective manner, and apply the data for typically and atypically developing children. 

With an associate degree in education students may find jobs and interests as an education technician, developmental therapist with a young child with disabilities, privately owned child care, nursery, nanny and many more. Students will not only learn the skills necessary for a work environment but for their own homes with this life changing experience.

Accreditation & Licensing

New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education

New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Technical and Career Institutions