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Program Details

The Bachelor of Science in Bible degree offered by Johnson University is a program of study offered through Johnson University’s LEADon program, which is a bachelor completion program. The curriculum of this program is designed so that the student takes three courses per semester through a duration of sixteen weeks. A student takes four courses if they are pursuing a specialization. The specializations offered to students who enroll in the Bible program include: Christian Ministry, Counseling, Non-Profit Management, and Organizational Leadership.

This program aims to equip its students with a foundational set of skills and knowledge relating to a biblical education and their chosen area of study. By the end of this program, a student should be able to perform the following skills and convey the following knowledge: to appreciate the message of the Bible in its historic context, to be able to interpret the Bible properly, to state systematically the great doctrines of the Bible, to be competent enough to provide Christian leadership in a chosen field of work, and to be able to apply Biblical principles in the practice of church-related ministry. Students should also learn how to communicate the Word of God effectively, to be able to reach the lost with the Gospel of Christ effectively and compassionately, and to model character and leadership abilities that are consistent with the attitude of Christ. Important competencies such as being able to defend the Biblical revelation against rival claims and hostile attacks are taught in this program. Students may also learn important skills such as how to practice relationship-building skills, function effectively in an administrative role, and refine personal, professional, and spiritual priorities.

This program requires students to complete 54 credit hours of courses in order to graduate. The requirements are split up into three cores: Bible Division, General Education, and Ministry Core. The Bible Division includes the following courses: Bible Survey, Biblical Interpretation, and Life and Leadership and Jesus. The General Education courses include: Composition and Research, Restoration History, and Apologetics.


Students should be at least 23 years old and possess 60+ hours of transferable college credit.

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