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The Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate from James Madison University (JMU) is geared towards students who are interested in learning more about interacting with students who have autism, and other related syndromes, such as Aspergers. Students should be open to receiving information and knowledge that may allow them to work with these individuals more effectively.

This program at James Madison University strives to teach students through assessing, planning, and implementing programming. As educators and other individuals are usually needed in the field of special education, this program intends to give students mandatory information in order to develop solid practice recommendations. As this particular JMU certificate program is a part of a certain effort through the Virginia Autism Council, students may be eligible for tuition reimbursement. However, this may not be true for every student.

JMU has created this program’s curriculum to be implemented and relevant to any age group in the autism spectrum disorder population. If students wish to earn this certificate at the graduate level, they must complete a total of 11 credit hours. This level also involves three courses and a practicum. JMU states this program would be well suited for individuals who directly deal with this population in terms of immediate services, assessment, and planning for those with these disabilities.

The undergraduate level certificate does not require students to complete a practicum. Instead, students will complete nine credit hours and focus on learning more about autism spectrum disorders. This course may be an ideal program for those who just want to learn more about these individuals, instead of those who have daily interaction and responsibilities towards this population.

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Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges