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Program Details

Jackson State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Care and Family Education for students who wish to be educators at the early childhood level. Students will learn about the psychological and social development of children from young ages to near adolescence as their minds develop by learning. Students may interact with children through private organizations, schools, and other organizations that work with parents to help students learn and develop. Students will learn about the best practices for educating children and how to properly prepare them for the tasks which they will be responsible for in child care services.

Participants will take part in a curriculum that focuses on the psychological and social wellbeing and development of children. Courses are designed to show students the skills necessary to becoming successful in this profession. These classes include Business Aspects of Child Care Facilities, Personnel Techniques and Procedures, and Establishing Positive Relationships with Parents and Families.

After successfully completing this program, students should be prepared for roles as educators and should also have demonstrated the necessary educational qualifications for developmental education of children. These qualifications include an advanced knowledge of child development and learning and being able to study and understand effective programs and practices in the early childhood field. Some other abilities include being able to critically examine issues, trends, and current research in the early childhood field, to understand foundational theories of research and practice related to the early childhood field, to reflect on their own values, beliefs, and biases and use this understanding to improve their work with children, families, and organizations, and to broaden their knowledge of issues related to equity and inclusion and learn to address inequities and advocate for children and families.


Must have 45 or more credits or Associates Degree

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges