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Associate Of Applied Science In Criminal Justice

Program Details

Ivy Tech Community College offers an online Associates of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice. The program gives students an opportunity for a formal education in public service, while advancing in a challenging environment. Graduates will be well prepared for a successful career in the criminal justice field, with the curriculum of sociology, psychology, government and law. The A.A.S. degree in Criminal Justice prepares students for higher educational goals, like a bachelor of science degree in Criminal Justice or criminology at a four-year institution. The core curriculum is pided into four concentrations: corrections, forensics, law enforcement or youth services.

Corrections is a focus for potential officers to monitor people being detained for trial and those who have been imprisoned. Law enforcement and sentencing decisions have increased the number of people being held for trial or imprisoned for crimes and, as a result, increased the need for correctional officers.

Forensic officials aid in the investigative process, evaluate crime scenes and the materials to be used for evidence in court. This focus emphasizes the needed skills and experience to supplement traditional law enforcement roles.

Law enforcement officials provide assistance, respond to emergency calls, investigate crime scenes and testify in court. The law enforcement focus develops the skills needed to be a police officer, including law, community relations, procedural law and criminal investigations.

Youth services: The youth services focus will prepare students to work with youth offenders and their families. These professionals strive to prevent offenders from committing future crimes by helping the youth and the families discover the causes of illegal behavior and navigate the judicial system.  

The Associate of Applied Science degree program prepares students for immediate careers, career changes and career advancement opportunities. The program offers an education in technical areas and emphasize the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of matters in the criminal justice fields. The program content, provides depth in professional and technical skills, while the general education courses give students the problem solving, communications, scientific and mathematical skills to successfully advance in the competitive job market.

The Associate of Applied Science degree prepares students for transfer to a four-year university to pursue a baccalaureate degree. The A.A.S. degree gives graduates an understanding of the core criminal justice concepts and covers the general education requirements needed for a well balanced curriculum.  

Graduates can use the Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice degree in entry-level corrections and law enforcement positions or as the foundation for higher educational goals.


Submit one of the following: SAT/ACT/PSAT scores; High school GPA; College transcript; or complete the ACCUPLACER assessment on campus.

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North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission