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Program Details

Henley-Putnam University currently offers a Mid Level Certificate in Executive Protection to individuals who have experience in executive protection and are at a certain level of competence in their field. Students will be taught advanced skills in conducing successful operations in protecting dignitaries, CEOs, celebrities and other important people, both in the public and private sectors.

This program will teach students concepts and skills such as how to deal with threat assessments, techniques in intelligence, and how to prepare for crises. Students will delve into topics on management such as preparing a comprehensive security plan, knowing the resources and skills that are needed for certain assignments, and other work related principles. Tenets and terminology used in protection will also be an area of focus. Participants will also study techniques in updating and developing crisis procedures in anticipation of various disasters and incidences, both natural and man-made. By developing a proper plan of action, protection service professionals may prevent or minimize the effect of incidences that threaten their client.

In developing a relationship with a client, students will learn the proper etiquette and protocol in dealing with dignitaries and international guests; conducting assignments overseas will garner special emphasis. Finally, this program will also explore how to evaluate subjects who demonstrate unusual interest towards the person they are protecting. In addition, students will explore ways to address the threat level these subjects may pose, and how determined they are to carry out possible threats. Students will learn about protective intelligence assessment, which investigates the history of a subject who may pose as a threat.


This program is designed for students with previous experience in protection services.

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