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Program Details

Henley-Putnam University is currently offering an Entry Level Certificate in Intelligence Analysis, a program for intelligence analysis field professionals who wish to gain a more thorough understanding of their area. Individuals who wish to pursue careers in national security or related areas may also benefit from this program. There are many different types of organizations that employ people in intelligence, including those in the government, military, and private companies. Intelligence is a method institutions employ in order to gather relevant information. These courses aim to give students the basic skills and knowledge needed to analyze and utilize certain information.

The program involves four separate courses that include topics on logic, professional writing, analysis, and open source research. Upon completing the program, students should be able to understand the various methods and techniques used in analyzing intelligence, such as establishing the reliability of a source, testing hypotheses, and distinguishing “signal” from “noise.” Students should also be able to apply basic principles of research and evaluation to various open source materials as well as interpret and evaluate the material once it’s obtained. Open sources are areas of intelligence that are not classified as secret, such as websites, published works, and broadcasts.

As a part of the training in the program, students will also develop professional skills important for anyone wishing to enter into this field. Students will learn the appropriate writing skills needed to generate comprehensive reports. Finally, students will learn about non-quantitative logic and analytical and logical reasoning, both in a general sense as well as how it applies to the area of intelligence.

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